We inherited the passion for gloves from our grandparents, their values and a dream that we want to keep today.

The Beginnings

Our grandfather Rafael began to work as a glove-making apprentice from a very young age, discovering little by little that he was passionate about the world of the glove. Stretching the leather with his hands. Scraping it to make it thin. Cut it with scissors. Designing patterns to fit each hand, as if it were a second skin. Making elegance and comfort at the same time.

Amalia, our grandmother, also shared his passion for the gloves world. When she was young she had worked in the sale of gloves in the main fashion french store "Galeries Lafayette" and, on her return to Madrid, in the prestigious Felisa Ramírez Gloves shop.

Year 1933

Rafael and Amalia opened their own shop on Recoletos Street in Madrid.

The history of this great dream was written with effort, passion and love. Rafael, together with his team of glove officers and seamstresses, made high quality gloves, selecting the best leathers and doing a meticulous manual work.

Amalia, brought closeness in the shop and innovation in the factory communicating customer's needs to transform them into products. Her ability to improve and the quality of their pieces made their gloves a national and international reference, even to dress the hands of the most important personalities of the moment.

The heritage

The years went by, our grandparents and our parents worked in the family business, while we played with cuttings and scraps of leathers. Our grandfather shared with us all the details of the technique, explaining that every step in the making of a glove is perfectly planned, from the choice of the leather to the last stitch. Our grandmother told us interesting stories and the importance of listening to the customers.

At the beginning of this century, and after more than 60 years of work, the Recoletos shop had to stop its activity. But all the experience of our family in the glove field, would mature to come back years later prepared for the new times.

Amalia de Luna

In 2016, under the name of our grandmother Amalia de Luna, we took up the family project again to adapt to the demands of today's man and woman. Amalia de Luna was born as a new company, specializing in gloves that perfectly blend tradition and modernity. Handcrafted gloves, preserving our values, a traditional working process and a high quality.

We make a wide range of models, sizes and colours, from a selection of the best leathers for exclusive sale on the Internet. We keep the essence of the business, we listen to our customers so that they can find the gloves they need and if we do not have it available at that time, we study the possibility of making it to order.

A family project that lasts thanks to the effort, passion and love that our grandparents gave us, and that today we continue with the same desire and enthusiasm that one day they started.

"Your hands tell stories, so do your gloves."



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