Amalia de Luna gloves are handcrafted with high quality leathers and materials that guarantee their durability over time.

To make your care the right one, we give you some tips.

Avoid exposure to products that can damage the leather. The chemical composition of some creams, perfumes, makeup and lotions with alcohol can deteriorate their pigments and alter the color or softness of the leather. Keep them away from the water too.

Put on your gloves

If your gloves are made of leather and do not have a lining, you can put talcum powder inside them to make them easier to put on.
Turn the rings towards the palm of your hand, especially those with stones so that they stay inside.
Help with your other hand to fit the fingers one by one, making sure that all the seams are straight and that the area between the thumb and the index finger is perfectly fitted.
finger is perfectly fitted. As a curiosity we told you that in the past, in our shop, we used a padded wooden base on which the customer supported his elbow, this allowed a better stretch of the hand and a more comfortable tried of the gloves.

Taking off your gloves

Stretch the glove out from your fingertips, one by one, to help them come out slowly without the leather of the glove giving way.
If your gloves are fingerless gloves, it's easier to remove them from the top by turning them over.
Place them on a surface and smooth them out to their original state.

Keep the gloves

Keep the gloves in their original bag, in a clean and moisture-free place.

Dry and clean gloves

If your gloves get wet, let them dry naturally, in an indoor room at room temperature, away from external heat sources such as radiators, hair dryers, hairdryers and direct sunlight.

If your gloves get dirty, you can clean them using a cloth slightly moistened with a solution of water and neutral soap, one by one with the glove to be cleaned on your hand. If the stain is oily, you can use a little hand soap without rubbing too much as this could discolour the leather. Then, let them dry naturally and when they are dry put them on several times and massage your hands to recover their original look.

If you are using a recommended leather cleaner, read its instructions carefully to make sure it is suitable for gloves as they are finer and more delicate than the leathers of other products, especially the lighter shades.

If you have any other questions or doubts about the care of your Amalia de Luna gloves, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Your hands tell stories, so do your gloves."



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