Amalia de Luna has kept intact the traditional manufacture of leather gloves that we started in 1933.


Our gloves are manufactured in Spain and Italy by master artisans with extensive experience in the sector. A handmade work done with care and detail, which makes each glove a unique piece of great value.

A special design

Amalia de Luna makes gloves in different finishes and colours, from the most classic style to the most trendy models. Gloves created to make women and men who appreciate elegance, comfort and functionality, feel special.

All our gloves are handmade, one by one, by skilled artisans. A responsible production that ensures the quality and authenticity of our products, committed to maintaining the tradition of handmade gloves.

This manufacturing process also allows us to offer our customers custom-made gloves in different finishes.

Selection of leather

The manufacturing process begins with the choice of a high quality leather, rigorously selected from its origin and carefully treated.

The leather is a natural product, which is very comfortable, flexible and durable. Amalia de Luna uses the finest and best quality lambskin, suede, doeskin or peccary, among some of our finishes. Some leathers may have small marks or variations in their finishes and color, which gives them a natural beauty and makes them authentic pieces.

To work the leather, it is mildly dampened, lightly scraped with a knife and stretched by hand, little by little and and as much as necessary to get the elasticity that the gloves need from wrist to fingertip. This creates the finest fit.

A superior quality leather combined with meticulous craftsmanship makes each glove a sustainable product to wear for many years.

Cutting, sewing and ironing

The chosen pattern is placed on the prepared leather, the outline of the glove is marked and the piece is scissored. Then, dies are used to cut out the pieces of the hand, stamp and mark the shapes on the leather to get the necessary pieces. As a tradicional glove makers we use french sizes, women from 6.5 to 8 and 8 to 10 for men.

Once we have the leather perfectly cut, the sewing process begins. Our artisan seamstresses sew each Amalia de Luna glove, by hand or machine, stitch by stitch. A delicate process in which only expert hands achieve a good result.

Finally the glove is ironed with hand-shaped irons, both for men’s and women’s glove. This final stage is key to give the glove its shape and to perform a quality control. The seams are checked and it is ensured that the glove will be perfectly adapted to the hand.


Our artisans use the tools of a lifetime:

  • · The blunt knife, to thin the skin and get a thinner leather
  • · Dies, for cutting the pieces of gloves
  • · The slate stone to sharpen
  • · The tool for scraping and trimming the leather
  • · "Pied de Roi", a special rule for measuring length in French inches
  • · The leather sewing machine
  • · And the hand-shaped irons

After all this long process a pair of gloves will have been created, a simple, elegant and timeless accessory.

"Your hands tell stories, so do your gloves."



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